28 Scratch-Off Adventures for Kids

Make opening school lunch feel like opening a treasure chest! Lunchbox Notes is a set of scratch-off "adventure notes" that you hide in your child's lunchbox. Designed to spark creativity, play and friendship, these cards will inspire your kid to try new things and create fun memories at school. They're also a fun, easy way to connect with your child. With 28 scratch-off adventure cards, your kid will look forward to school, knowing that an adventure awaits!

Why buy Lunchbox Notes?

Each card has been tested by parents, students and teachers and we have received AMAZING reviews! The challenges are designed to help your kids make friends, learn new things, grow in confidence, and build a relationship with parents even while away from home. Make your kid the hero of this school year!

How Does it Work?

There are enough Lunchbox Notes for your child to have around 1 Adventure per week for the school year. Place a card in your child’s bag at your own convenience and let them know they have something special for the day in their lunch. We’ve listed all the Lunchbox Notes in our parent key (included) so you get to decide what challenge you’d like your child to complete!

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